LYMM EVENT - (16 June 2021)

Show has been cancelled by the organisers due to rules and regs.

C.C.C.C. EVENT 2021 - (23 April 2021)

Our first event for 2021 will be at Capesthorne Hall on the 30th and 31st May 2021.

April event - (07 April 2021)

After listing the events from classic shows .org we have noticed that the April event is no longer listed, so the 1st event from Classic shows . org is Sunday and Monday 30th and 31st May 2021.

event news - (13 March 2021)

I have been in touch with Oulton Park refs the Gold cup 3 day event in Aug and they have given our club 22 spaces for each day.

Events 2021 - (03 March 2021)

Events so far-Tatton USA.Lymm transport festival.Tatton passion for power.Manor Park Glossop.

2021 event - (23 February 2021)

The Manor park classic car show in May 2021 has been cancelled due to covid rules etc.

CANCELLED EVENT - (21 September 2020)

Capesthorne hall on the 27th has been cancelled.

NEW EVENT - (03 September 2020)

Capesthorne Hall 27th Sept.

events - (03 September 2020)

Bodrhyddan Hall event 6th Sept cancelled.Cholmondeley castle cancelled.

New event - (02 September 2020)

Classic shows have announced a further car show at Capesthorne Hall on the 27th Sept this may replace the Cholmondeley event on the 20th Sept which has not been confirmed as going ahead. Exhibitors will be able to use unused 2020 tickets for the event.

Oulton Park - (24 August 2020)

Sadly did not receive event tickets in time for our dead line in order to sort and post also collecting track and trace details etc.Capesthorne tickets posted today Monday 24th Aug.

classic update - (18 August 2020)

Capesthorne Hall is now a 2 day event 30th and 31st Aug.

Capesthorne event 30th Aug - (17 August 2020)

I have just been advised that the show at Capesthorne on the 30th Aug will be going ahead. pre arranged tickets to members will be posted out shortly.

Oulton Park Gold Cup 2020 - (05 August 2020)

Just been informed by Oulton that the Gold Cup Is going ahead, watch out for more news soon.

Hoghton Tower event - (21 July 2020)

Mark Woodward has now cancelled his events for 2020.

M/CR airport MHVC - (04 July 2020)

Event now cancelled for 5th JULY

Boddrhydan 26th July - (04 July 2020)

Event now cancelled and rescheduled for 6th Sept

Capesthorne event - (04 July 2020)

19th July now cancelled and rescheduled for 30th Aug

Glossop car event - (12 June 2020)

The Glossop car show at Manor Park in October 2020 has now been cancelled.

Capesthorne hall car event - (11 June 2020)

The event at Capesthorne Hall on the 19th July 2020 has now been cancelled.

Capesthorne event Aug - (05 June 2020)

The car show at Capesthorne hall on the 30th Aug has now been cancelled.

Tatton event Aug 15th 16th - (05 June 2020)

Mortons have now been in touch to say that the show in August has been cancelled.

Woodsmoor event - (18 May 2020)

The show at Woodsmoor has now been cancelled for 2020.

Lytham event - (13 May 2020)

Mark Woodards show at Lytham has now been cancelled for 2nd July 2020 due to coven-19

Capesthorne hall event - (13 May 2020)

The Capesthorne show for the24th and 25th o fMay has now been cancelled due to covid-19.

Tatton USA Event - (05 May 2020)

The Tatton USA 4th and 5th July has now been cancelled for 2020, show will return in 2021.

Cancelled event - (30 April 2020)

Classic have now informed me that the Cholmondeley event on the 17th May has now been cancelled.Keep watching for further updates.

Lymm event - (22 April 2020)

Lymm 28th June festival of transport has been cancelled for 2020.

Didsbury event - (31 March 2020)

Didsbury car show for July 2020 has now been cancelled.

Tatton Event - (26 March 2020)

4th and 5th June at Tatton has been cancelled. it will now take place in Aug 2020.

Rochdale event - (25 March 2020)

Event now cancelled at Rochdale 2020.

Manor Park 2020 - (21 March 2020)

Event cancelled Manor Park Glossop.

Pub meets - (17 March 2020)

C.C.C.C Tues/Friday meets have been cancelled until further notice.

cancelled events - (17 March 2020)

Oulton Park 13th April now cancelled,Jaguar meets cancelled,Merc meets cancelled.

New events - (04 February 2020)

The events listing has been updated with some new events for 2020 these will be given out at the AGM and for those that are not attending will be posted out asap but will need returning completed in order to obtain tickets for the new events.

Date change. - (14 January 2020)

Gawsworth event will be on the Friday the 8th May and not on the b/hol Monday.

AGM DATE - (04 January 2020)

Agm is on the 16/02/20 and will be held at the gardeners arms, as last year info will be posted out 1st/2nd week in January.

Gardeners Arms change. - (20 December 2018)

New Manager to replace Jon and Elisha,His name is Dave, started beginning of December.

xmas meal - (05 October 2018)

Alma lodge now booked for xmas meal, 19th jan 2019, invites will be posted out soon, please reply early once received.thanks.

Capesthorne Hall - (23 May 2018)

Hoping for a good turn out of our club members vehicles Sat and Sun, weather looking good.

Manor park. - (21 May 2017)

Only 11 members turned up for this event, (booked for 22 members) weather was poor, rained most of the day but still a great turn out of classic vehicles and quite a few jumble stalls.

Manor park - (12 May 2017)

Event is on Sat 20th May at Manor Park Glossop.

Gawsworth - (03 May 2017)

Not a bad turn out, weather good, some really nice cars on display.

events 2017 - (20 February 2017)

For those that did not turn up for the AGM Please remember to complete the events form with any outstanding payments etc before 26th Feb. If you miss this date its possible that your tickets may not be ordered for 2017.

events 2017 - (14 February 2017)

I know some members are unable to join us for our AGM on Sunday, for those that have not replied for attending or not, i must have the events form returned by 26th Feb at the latest in order to arrange tickets otherwise you may loose out on event tickets. Membership subs due also as above dates.

AGM - (07 January 2017)

Members meeting will take place on Sunday 19th Feb 2017 at the Fairway pub, Stockport. 10,00am.

woodford museum - (20 April 2016)

Car display on drive it day at the museum car park, H

Wilmslow event - (01 April 2016)

new show for members with pre 1985 cars, Wilmslow high school, 10th July please let me know if you would like to attend in-order to apply for passes etc or you can apply yourself.

for sale - (27 March 2016)

check members cars for sale

events 2016 - (21 March 2016)

Tickets will be posted out end of March, others will be distributed at event venue.

Club meal - (28 November 2015)

Our members xmas meal has now been booked, venue Alma Lodge as prev year Sat 23rd Jan 2016 @ 7.30pm.AGM Will be held on Sun 21st Feb 2016 at the Fairway as last year starting at 10.00/10.30am snack and drinks will be provided, Sunday lunch or menu is available to order at the bar etc.

2015 membership - (22 March 2015)

Membership is now full for 2015, sorry for the people that would like to join C.C.C.C.

Clothing supplier 2015 - (18 March 2015)

Clothing, T shirts, Fleece, hats etc can be ordered from Bramble design ltd, unit 3 Lytham street works, Lytham st, Shaw Heath, Stockport, SK3 8JB. www.brambledesigns.comcontact Pete for more details etc

New Members for 2015 - (10 February 2015)

Paul Tubby (Morris minor)Richard Tracy (MGB Roadster)

AGM - (10 February 2015)

Thanks to all that turned out for the meeting,great result only 5 members failed to show.

AGM - (31 January 2015)

Meeting will start at 10.00am please arrive early for tea

web info - (12 January 2015)

web site and venue details updated by Ian Arundale.

Meetings - (04 January 2015)

Meetings will now be Held at the Fairway Pub, Hillgate, Stockport.Web page to be updated shortly.

C.C.C.C. XMAS MEAL - (31 October 2014)

Venue now booked, invites will be posted within the net 10 days.

Oulton Park - (07 July 2014)

24th 25th 26th Aug Gold cup weekend.

50 Show - (14 February 2014)

We will have 7 cars on display at the 50 show at the old GMEX M/CR CENTRAL on the 28/29th March

NEC - (17 November 2013)

Pictures of the NEC 2013 classic car and bike show uploaded, see photo section.

Alma Lodge booking - (01 November 2013)

I need to confirm numbers, please let me know asap either attending or not attending.Thanks Pete.

C.C.C.C. xmas outing - (15 October 2013)

The Alma Lodge has now been booked for our xmas night out, you should all have rec'd invites, please confirm attendance as per the letter.

Tatton Park - (03 June 2013)

Great weekend fantastic event, well attended. C.C.C.C. won 2 classic awards for there cars Rob Mc call with his Austin A30 and Steve Andrews with his Mini clubman. Car of the show went to Ralph Ernill with his 1964 Aston MartinDB5. Well done ralph 2nd time this year so far.

web site c.c.c.c - (29 May 2013)

site now up and running, updates coming

Event City - (08 April 2013)

Great turn out,C.C.C.C cars looked stunning. 9 cars on the stand and won a total of 5 prizes.Great result. Club came 6th place for best stand.

tickets 2013 - (13 March 2013)

all events now booked, tickets on the way. 1st event EVENT CITY i will advise when i rec the passes etc.

AGM - (06 February 2013)

All members have had invites to the meeting, takes place 10th Feb

Season 2013 - (20 January 2013)

Starts with the members AGM on the 10th Feb.

AGM - (02 January 2013)

Feb 10th, invites posted early Jan 2013

AGM 2013 - (01 December 2012)

The AGM will take place at the DOG

club membership - (04 November 2012)

membership is now full for 2013

last 2012 show for C.C.C.C. - (01 November 2012)

Uttoxeter race course 11th Nov 2012 this is Andrew Greenwoods show winners of all 2012 events and normal entries.

web site - (05 August 2012)

under going new construction

photo's updated - (19 May 2012)

pics of cholmondeley and Glossop events

Events 2012 - (06 March 2012)

Now updating 2012

AGM - (11 February 2012)

Date for AGM Sunday 12th Feb 2012 @12 noon.

AGM 2012 - (11 February 2012)

Meeting will be held at the dog and partridge at 12 noon. Members only.

NEW EVENT 2012 - (19 December 2011)

Cheshire auto promotions (stuart holmes and team)have anounced a new event for 2012, Oulton Park classic car show and track day Sat/Sun 14th/15th July, book early.

New classics to the club - (29 November 2011)

Stuart Holmes has now bought a Ford Capri 2.0s finished in jupiter mk2 1977, great find and in great cond, 1 prev owner 17,000mls.Peter Burke has just purchased a MGC roadster which i prev restored and owned 12yrs ago, great to have it back.

contact info - (26 September 2011)

news update - (30 August 2011)

sorry for the delay in pics etc, had problems with my laptop, some pictures now added.

Event city - (06 April 2011)

now uploaded some of the car photo's which were on display at cheshire auto promotions classic car show event.

C.C.C.C. AGM re-arranged - (18 January 2011)

AGM will now be on the 13th, same venue and time etc.

C.C.C.C. AGM - (16 January 2011)

Now arranged for club members to attend on Sunday the 20th Feb 2011 @ 12 noon at the Dog and Partridge, Great Moor, Stockport.

C.C.C.C. AGM - (11 January 2011)

Meeting is to be arranged for Feb 2011, watch for details. When arranged all members will be notified of venue and date etc, please let me know if you are attending and also if not attending.

c.c.c.c.member bereavement - (11 December 2010)

William Robinson (Bill)Past away on Weds 1st Dec, his funeral will take place on Weds 15th at Southern crem,Barlowmore rd, Wythensahwe,m/cr @12.00 members and friends are welcome to attend please contact Pete for any further info through e-mail or my contact number 07725 901523, Bill/Joans Rolls Royce shadow has been added as a sign of respect for Bill to the section of the car of the month.

Mazda MX5 car of the month now FOR SALE - (23 November 2010)

This is proberbly 1 of the best in the country, 23,000mls mkl. See for sale section

"STOP PRESS" NEW NEW - (17 November 2010)

C.C.C.C have been invited to attend with a selection of classic cars at Cheshire promotions Trafford Park (indoor)end of March 2 day event, place for 5 cars.For further info contact Pete through the normal channel,members only.

Bollington show Sept 2010 - (29 September 2010)

Mike Blakemore with his mk1 ford escort mexico which won best in show, see pics in photo section.

Tweed mill event - (20 September 2010)

Good turn out but poor weather.

Haughton tower - (13 September 2010)

event to be rescheduled due to bad weather.

C.C.C.C. trophy winner - (29 August 2010)

Steve Hilton 2010 winner, pics in photo gallery, Capesthorne hall.

Charity function at the dog and partridge - (29 August 2010)

members, guests and club vehicles.

Club trophies - (27 August 2010)

New trophy awarded to C.C.C.C. see photo gallery.

Tatton park event 21st 22nd - (24 August 2010)

despite the couple of showers on Sat, both days had a good turn out of exhibitors and visitors, great weekend.

Southport 7th 8th Aug - (09 August 2010)

Great weekend, good turn out from c.c.c.c. view pictures in photo gallery

Barlows farm 19th Sept - (03 August 2010)

This event now moved back to Tweed mill same date.

Capesthorne hall - (01 August 2010)

good day and good turn out by members, great display, Andrew Greenwoods team awarded 1st prize for club display to our club c.c.c.c. thanks to all our members for making a very good effort. Car of the show went to a MGC roadster owned by George White.

Capesthorne hall 1st Aug - (29 July 2010)

This is sports car day and mini day also includes kit cars.

Wilmslow - (12 July 2010)

Dave McCall C.C.C.C. guest attended with his jaguar 420g which also won a prize.

Clwyd and Wilmslow show - (12 July 2010)

great day for both events, Philip won 2nd prize for his MGB roadster at Clwyd and Ralph won best car in show with his Aston Martin DB5 at Wilmslow, over 250 cars attended.

Tatton USA 3/4TH jULY - (04 July 2010)

Great 2 day show grounds full of fantasic American vehicles, weather brill.Sat 1st prize went to a Cadilac Elderado convertible, Sun 1st prize went to the fantastic Cadilac coupe de-ville of Eddie Brown.

Hoghton towers 27th June - (27 June 2010)

great day good selection of vehicles, fantastic weather.Car of the day went to a jag 3.8 mk2 1964

Buxton auction 9th June 2010 - (09 June 2010)

some pictures added to photo gallery of the vehicles up for auction, for further info contact Pete.

Tatton park - (07 June 2010)

Another great show and a great display of vehicles from all clubs that attended, good turn out from our members also best wishes to Philip on his retirement from all at the C.C.C.C,

Capesthorne Hall 30/31st May - (31 May 2010)

Fantastic turn out from our members,good weather,nice people,great clean cars,good venue and a great show from Andrew Greenwood.

Cholmondley event 9th May 2010 - (09 May 2010)

Another great show and again great weather, good turn out from members.

Llandudno transport festival. - (09 May 2010)

Great event, good turn out from our members,fantastic weather for 3 days.

C.C.C.C - (21 April 2010)

C.C.C.C google mail - (21 April 2010)

Classic car - (20 April 2010)

Some members are now renewing there classic ins and finding that P.D.James are a big saving on prev ins policy's, please qoute your club number when making inquiries

Rhuddlan car show, James Garner event - (19 April 2010)

Turned out to be a nice day no Brollies needed, cars atteneded - MGB, TR6, JENSON, SPITFIRE, TVR, MG MIDGET. Advised of non attending due to illness D.Foster,J.Price,P.Oldfield